Damon's Original Fine Art & Graphic Design Galleries

Original Fine Art 'Navari Safari' Series

'Green Tiger' by Damon Navari - Soft Pastel on Wood - 22" X 22"

Damon's use of color and closely cropped compositions have always personalized and characterized how we view these signature soft pastel animal pieces.

Original Fine Art 'Sounds' Series

'Cries and Blaring Screams of Slender Brass' by Damon Navari - Soft Pastel and Acrylic on Paperboard

This fine art series is about how we perceive 'Sounds' as Music and Music as 'Sounds'.  Damon uses color to represent perception and uses black and white as written notation.

Original Fine Art 'Senses' Series

'Touch' by Damon Navari - Soft Pastel and Acrylic on Paperboard

Damon created these five soft pastel and acrylic pieces using color as human perception of the 'Senses' and the black and white as the written definition of each sensory word. 

Original Fine Art 'Melting Pot' Series

'Bottle and Barrels' by Damon Navari - Acrylic and Latex on Canvas

Damon created this wine themed series for The Melting Pot restaurant. All five of the original canvases (including the 9' long triptych) continue to hang in the romantic fondue eatery in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Other Original & Commissioned Fine Art

Giraffe - Painted Clay Sculpture

This original art gallery includes some of Damon's gesture drawings, paintings, sculptures, commissioned murals, sketches, installation pieces, and more!

Original and Commissioned Graphic Design

Nunes at Night 'Live!' CD sleeve cover design - by Damon Navari

Damon's Graphic Design Gallery includes Logo design, Album/CD Packaging Design, Business Card Design, Book Cover Design & Illustrations, Sign & Advertisement Design, and more.