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Damon Navari's portable office... Drum kit and percussion.

Damon's Music Photo Gallery

Look through pics of Damon performing with bands, friends and heroes... And of course, Damon's drums & percussion instrument pics.

Damon Navari drumming at home in his livingroom.

Damon's Original Music

Listen to a select few of Damon's Original Music ranging anywhere from Pop Funk, World Music, and Rock to Classical, Jazz, and R&B.

Drummer, Damon Navari performing live from above.

Damon's Live Performance Music Videos

Watch videos of some of Damon's drum solos and live performances below that will lead you to more to check out on his YouTube channel!

Damon's Original Music

Disintegrated Friend

This multi-time signature track was originally written for a great drummer friend of mine that passed away due to lymph node cancer... then another friend of mine fell to Lou Gehrig's disease... then my father was taken over by lung cancer.

It is in hopes that we will see our friends and loved ones again... somehow.


This funky little instrumental track was originally intended to be the theme song of a day-time television talk show... but they went with a swingy blues theme instead.

I've just always loved this groove since the day I first wrote and played the bassline.

Fable's Bridge

This is a drum and percussion piece that I wrote and recorded for the 'Sea of Vapors' album by Aqua Hammer.

The three original members (John Tillman, Fred Chandler & Damon Navari) each wrote solo pieces to be included on the album as interludes. 

This was mine.

Ballroom of the Sea

I never wrote my mother a pop or rock song, or anything like that, but I did compose this piece for her on my first classical album in 1999.  She cried like I knew she would when she heard it for the first time.

The Jester

I wrote this piece to describe how the King viewed the local Jester in a fairy tale that suddenly became my second classical album in 2001 called 'Change of Heart'.

'Change the World' (Ten Years After) Drum Solo from Above

This clip is of Mojo Dragonfly performing their own pumped up version of 'Change the World' by Ten Years After. This video stays focused on Damon Navari (drums) and Jeff dilly (bass). Off screen is Fred Chandler (guitar, violin & lead vocals), Michelle Basch (keys & backing vocals), & Carolynn Street (backing vocals & tambourine). These drum solos were often very different so please check out other versions of this song on my YouTube channel. 

'When Doves Cry' (Prince) Live with Drum & Percussion Solos

This video is of Mojo Dragonfly performing Prince's 'When Doves Cry' live at the Carl Reef. The band members in this video are Fred Chandler (guitar & keys), Michelle Basch (percussion & backing vocals), Jeff Dilly (percussion & backing vocals), Carolynn Street (drums), and Damon Navari (lead vocals, bongo solo & standing drum solo). [And our wonderful sound man, Hunt Street] The solos were always slightly different when we performed this song so check out some other versions on my YouTube channel.

Nunes at Night Promo Video

This video consists of many clips from different music genres performed by different versions of Nunes at Night.  The main trio of the band (at the time of the video) is John Nunes (Guitar & Vocals), Damon Navari (Drums/Percussion & Vocals), and Jeff Dilly (Bass & Vocals).  Other fantastic members (that appear in this video) are Troy D. Noll (Guitar & Vocals), Ric Santiago (Saxophone & Vocals), and Chris David Sr. (Trombone).  These videos were taken in various venues around the Tampa Bay area.

'Sway' (Dean Martin) Performed by Nunes at Night - Drum-Cam

This is a short clip of Nunes at Night performing their own Latin version of 'Sway' by Dean Martin.  The video stays focused on Damon Navari (drummer / percussionist) for this Latin groove.  The band members off screen are John Nunes (guitar & lead vocals), Jeff Dilly (bass), Ric Santiago (guiro), and Christopher David (trombone).

'Chuck It' PrideTribe Original- Debut Performance

The debut performance of PrideTribe was on a super hot (and no breeze) day in Clearwater, Florida. I thought this song turned out pretty raw and emotional. This PrideTribe video features Carolynn Street (lead vocals & keys), Shane Doss (guitar & backing vocals), Keith Harper (bass & backing vocals), and Damon Navari (drums / percussion & backing vocals).

'Games Without Frontiers' (P. Gabriel) - Mojo Dragonfly Live

This is just a clip of the last chorus and 'Mojo-ized' outro featuring an "in the melody drum solo".  This video focuses on Damon Navari (lead vocals, drums & percussion) in the band Mojo Dragonfly including Fred Chandler (guitar), Jeff Dilly (bass & backing vocals), Michelle Basch (keys & backing vocals), and Lisa Hayn (backing vocals).

'Josie - Aja' (Steely Dan) performed by Eastern Smyle

Throwback - Eastern Smyle was a very big band that somehow fit into all kinds of venues. This clip features a saxophone solo (Daryl Bean) over a percussion solo (Damon Navari) over a drum solo (Randy Hetherington)… The rest of the members in this wonderful band are listed in the video credits. 

'The Waiting Waltz (Unfinished)' by Damon Navari

This is just me at home playing a constantly changing and evolving piece of music. One day I will solidify the changes. Relax and enjoy.